A Company Founded on Integrity

"We started Family First because we loved our father."
- Alex and Jim Kennedy, Founders of Family First Medical Alarms

The last memory of our father:

"I was living in Indiana, back in January of 2000 when I received a telephone call late in the afternoon, It was my brother Alex (who lived in Boston at the time), he had not heard from our widowed father (who lived in Florida) in the past day and wanted to know if I had heard from him.  We were sad and upset when we found out that he had fallen in his home, was unable to get up, and passed away.

We were sad because the love that we once have had from our father was now gone. We were also very upset because if we would have had a medical alarm in our fathers home, our father might not have passed away. 

It was because of our tragedy and the love for our father that brought my brother Alex and myself together to form Family First Fail Safe Medical Alarm Systems. Our company has the sole purpose to see to it that your loved ones arenít left helpless like our father. With The Family First Medical Alarm, you will have true peace of mind because your loved ones safety is our family's responsibility."

Now that we have shared our passionate reason for working so hard to be your choice for this type of service, how about if we sum up the reasons that separate us from the competition. We have divided this into three sections: personal touch, overall convenience when doing business with us, fail safety and reliability, and a very important final note.

Personal Touch

  • We are hands on. Alex and I answer our toll free number and E-mails Personally. The only reason that you will get an automated machine is if we are simultaneously helping people like you on the telephone at the same time.

  • We program the equipment with our own two hands. Ask our competition, exactly how they program their equipment and what are each of the different types of safety features that they can and do program into their equipment. THEN CALL AND ASK US THE SAME QUESTION

  • Our equipment has the most detailed instructions that are attached to it to make it very simple to plug in.

  • Whether you or your loved ones are asking questions, ordering the service, changing a detail on the contact list, or canceling your service, you will always be treated like you are the most important person that we have to talk to at that time. You or your loved one will never be treated rude.

  • We make sure that you will understand all of the details that are necessary to make sure that the equipment and the service will work properly when your loved ones need to use it.

Overall Convenience when you do business with Family First

  • We reply with the answers to your questions by E-Mails, and by means of US. Mail the same day that you requested it.

  • We provide honest answers to all of your questions about the equipment and the service, as well as any limitations that they may have.

  • We have actual solutions to situations that arise such as loved ones having problems hearing or being heard through the equipment.

  •  We ship the equipment priority mail the same day it is ordered (3:00p.m. Central Time cutoff) at no charge to you

  • We offer 24 hour technical support to walk you through any installation and testing questions that you may have along with detailed instructions

  • We provide the easiest method to return the equipment (insurance included) when you are through with the service at no expense to you.

Fail Safety and Reliability

  • We do not list each of the individual programs and how they actually   ensure the service will work properly, that we program into our console bases. We do not want some of our envious competition to copy it and repeat it verbatim. Or, at least we are not going to make it that easy for them to do. We do invite you to read our testimonial page, which only has written letters from our customers in regards to some of the fail safe programs that we mention. The customers who wrote the letters had their loved ones console base execute one of these fail safe programs. Each testimonial is an example of a different situations that was life threatening. As you read them you will see how surprised that they were when our equipment and our service outperformed their expectations.

  • We also invite you to call us and we will gladly explain the details of how the equipment is programmed as well as each of the individual safety programs that we do not list.


We have taken the time to bring this information to you by designing this site. We have laid it out in the best way that we could by taking all of the wonderful suggestions that so many of our customers told us would have made their decision simpler as well as the entire process more pleasant from A to Z.

Alex and I would be happy to make your loved one part of our medical alarm family.


Jim Kennedy

Vice President


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