Family First Medical Alarms offers the safest and most reliable 24-Hour in Home Emergency Medical Alarm Monitoring System that is currently available throughout the United States at the most competitive price for your family.

Our Mission

To treat each and every medical alarm subscriber and their family as if they were a member of ours. To provide the safest and the most reliable medical alarm monitoring system, at the most competitive price in while giving something back to seniors in their own communities.

We started our mission over a decade ago after we lost our father. Today, we still answer our toll free number personally and we continue to bring the safest and most reliable medical alarm monitoring system to the public available in the United States. We also continue to bring the maximum peace of mind to the families who have our emergency medical monitoring system in their loved ones homes. We would like to ask you to help us to fulfill our mission by choosing Family First Medical Alarms to provide medical alarm service for you or your family member.


Jim and Alex Kennedy Founders of Family First Medical Alarms

The Medical Alarm Experts!

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Free Extra Wall-Mountable Transmitter with every online credit card order for this month!

The Linear Model DXS-65 Wall Mounted Emergency Medical Alarm Button is a water-resistant transmitter designed for use with all Family First Emergency Medical Alarms. This medical alarm transmitter features a large, easy to find, bright red HELP button. Pressing the button activates the transmitter and sends a digitally coded wireless signal to the Family First Medical Alarm. A non-labeled aqua colored button is also included with the transmitter for alternative uses.

The transmitter can be wall mounted using the integral snap-on mounting bracket, or simply be placed on a table. Four rubber “feet” are supplied for table-top use. The red operation indicator lights when the transmitter is activated.

Every two hours the transmitter tests for low batteries. This test takes place even if the status transmissions have not been enabled. If the batteries test low, a low battery signal is sent to the receiver. For more information visit Linear Corporation at

Medical Alarms are our Specialty

We offer an entire medical alarm system that is unlike any of our competitors. Our standard medical alarm systems offers: live two-way voice communication without handheld devices (such as telephones) 24-hours a day 7 days a week, an option for a Photo-Electric Smoke Detector, an option for a Remote Speaker and Microphone so your loved one can be heard virtually anywhere in the home, an option for a In-Activity Motion Detectors incase the user is immobilized and was not wearing their emergency button and many more options to choose from. No other medical alarm company offers the complete selection of options in one personal emergency response system (PERS) to keep your loved one the safest!

Family First Medial Alarms is the only company that offers all of the additional services listed in one fail safe medical alarm system. Family First Medical Alarms can offer many of these life saving services at little or no additional charge to you or your family. Our additional services will make you or your loved ones even safer in their homes. They will also bring added peace of mind to the families who love them.

For a complete list of the additional services offered by Family First Medical Alarms please review the "Equipment & Pricing" page on our website. Other medical alarm service providers cannot give you the same peace of mind that you will have when you choose the Family First Fail Safe Medical Alarm Systems for your loved one. A brief description of some of the fail safe options Family First Medical Alarms offers is listed below:

  1. Remotely located speaker/microphone - increase the hear and be heard radius of your loved ones with special hearing or speaking needs.

  2. Multiple person monitoring - provides additional emergency responding buttons for monitoring more than one family member that lives in the same house. (Mom & Dad)

  3. In-activity motion detectors - can sense lack of movement from your loved one. (If your loved one should become unconscious or take off the button)

  4. "Supervised" Photoelectric Smoke Detectors - allow the dispatch of emergency fire services and/or contact the people of your choice at the first detection of smoke.

  5. Telephone Line Restoration - (On any other phones located in the home) If a phone was accidently left off the hook this potentially life saving device will enable the medical alarm to still function. This is an exclusive feature of the Family First Fail Safe Medical Alarm System.

  6. Supervised Responding Buttons -  This feature enables the monitoring of your loved one if they have traveled more than 300 feet from home during a specified time period. (this is helpful for our customers who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's)

A little known fact: Do not wait until it is too late to get a medical alarm. If a loved one becomes immobilized in their own home you can pay for the Family First Medical Monitoring Service for one year compared to the cost of having doors/windows repaired and replaced from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) breaking to save them.

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