The picture above is one of the Family First emergency response centers

Our two emergency response centers are located here in the United States. Our professionally trained staff is always there when you or your family members need help.

Should you or your loved one need help, a member of our emergency response center staff will be speaking to them through our equipment within seconds. Below is the standard procedure of how we handle an emergency when one of our subscribers presses their emergency responding button.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do not be worried that help will not be on the way in the event that your loved ones are not able to hear or be heard. Below is the standard procedures when one of our subscribers activates their system. Please remember that we can change the standard procedure listed below to accommodate each one of our subscribers special needs. (for example: we can call any specified contacts telephone numbers prior to dispatching in all circumstances if you request.)

Standard Procedures

  1.  Family First staff will respond over the console base live, if your loved one responds, our staff will address their needs (call the numbers on the call list, dispatch emergency services, or both.)

  2. If there is no response from your loved one, our staff will immediately call the telephone number at the premises, if no one picks up the telephone to verify that everything is all right our staff will dispatch emergency service and then call the family and friends on the call list to let them know that their loved one has been transported to the hospital.

Another large detail that we are known for is the fact that our emergency response center staff does not handle non-emergency business telephone calls from existing customers or new inquiries. That means that when one of our telephones are ringing, that none of our emergency response center staff is responsible nor allowed to answer that call. Their only job is to take care of the incoming emergency response alerts coming in from our customers across the United States.

One of the major benefits that our customers and new inquiries across the country appreciate with Family First is the personal touch that Jim and Alex Kennedy give to everyone that inquires. Even though the multiple Family First call centers are staffed with hundreds of people who monitor friends and families like yours 24-hours a day, 7 days a week Jim and Alex Kennedy still answer their toll free number and E-mail requests personally. With Family First you or your loved ones will never be greeted by a automated services prompting you to push "1" for sales, "2" for billing, "3" for service and etc.

If you like the idea of doing business with a nationwide company that is owned and operated by two brothers then you will want to choose Family First. Call Family First now and speak with Jim or Alex Kennedy at 1- (888)-877- 9169. They are ready to speak with you anytime day or night even at 2:00 a.m.

Jim and Alex Kennedy take pride in answering the Family First toll free telephone number as well as their E-Mail requests. They are one of the few companies that you can call and have the honest and exact details of how the equipment and the service actually operates explained to you. Jim and Alex are glad to share their knowledge concerning the medical alarm equipment and the service that they provide, unlike some of the other companies that you may encounter that employ telephone operators who are paid a high commission for each subscriber that they pressure into doing business with them. When you encounter one of these companies be prepared for strong arm telephone tactics, as well as false claims of what the equipment and the service can actually do.

When you call Family First you will always be told the honest facts of what the service can and cannot do.

Moving your Loved Ones

Many of our subscribers visit family members or friends who live in different cities throughout the year. Many of those family members still have full time jobs and are unable to supervise their loved ones while they are visiting. The Family First equipment and service is designed to be moved to more than one location and still function properly. With Family First, you can relocate your loved one as often as you like for short, long, or permanent time periods for no additional fees.

We have once again, taken the time to make this as un-complicated for you as possible. All that you need to do is call our toll free number or E-mail us with the exact date of when your loved one is relocating. The new address of where they will be re-locating to, and if you would like us to change the order in which the emergency contacts are called on the call list that we assembled when we created your account. If you know the date that your loved one is returning, you can inform us at that time or when you know the time and date of the actual return. We will do the rest, which entails changing the address in the emergency response database at our monitoring facility. It also may also entail that we change the EMS telephone numbers if your loved one is relocating to an address that is outside of the city or town that they live in. We also have an automated system for our subscribers who have multiple homes that they relocate to at set times back and fourth every year. The subscriber lets us know the dates and addresses ahead of time and we enter it in our automated system. The automated system reminds us to change the information as mentioned above on the day that the subscriber specifies. We also follow up with telephone calls to make sure that the relocations actually have taken place. We do not have any additional charges for the relocation of your loved one regardless of how often that they change location.

Over the years we have been told by many of our customers that some of our competition has additional charges for incidentals. Many of those of you reading this are familiar with some of them already, such as  the additional charges for more than one emergency responding button that some of our competitors have. We have also been told by our customers over the years that some of our competition has additional charges for the relocation of a loved one as we mentioned above. We also know that many people forget to look into this specific detail when they are researching which medical alarms service provider to choose.

Unconditional Price Guarantee

Best of all find a better price and let us know! After you have finished gathering information from other companies like Family First, if you have found a more competitive price, give us a call and we will match their offer. This guarantee is also good even after you have become a subscriber. With Family First Medical Alarms you will always be paying the most competitive price for monthly monitoring. 

Family First offers the safest and most reliable 24-hour medical alarm monitoring service that is currently available in the United States at the most competitive price for your family.

Call Toll Free: 1 (888) 877-9169 or ORDER NOW

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