Saving lives is part of our everyday business, therefore you will not find testimonials from our customers or their families about the standard service that we provided to them and how it saved their loved ones life. You will however, read testimonials from our customers below in regards to the fail safe programming that sets us apart from our competitors.

The Fail Safe System combined with our medical alarm base silently seize the telephone line in your loved ones home, dials one of our monitoring centers toll free telephone numbers, and reports any situations that may have occurred that could possibly interfere with the equipment and service working properly.  Examples of this situation is the power adapter becoming accidentally removed from the wall or the emergency responding button battery running below the acceptable level.

Below are some of our customers who have had real experiences with us in regards to the fail safe features programmed into the medical alarm equipment as mentioned above and exactly what happened. It is because of these fail safe precautions and being the first to remotely reprogram our equipment with the newest fail safe setting has earned Family First Medical Alarms the reputation for being the safest and the most reliable service in the United States.

Family First Medical Alarm Systems

Att: Jim Kennedy

"We have always been pleased with the service that Family First Medical Alarm Systems is Providing my mother, Katherine Tapella.

I want to tell you of a recent incident that your staff handled so promptly. The unit in my mother's home was accidentally unplugged from the electrical outlet. When the battery started to run low, you phoned our house at 8 p.m. and alerted us. We were able to drive to my mother's house, locate the problem and resolve it. Thank you for such prompt attention. Your service gives us real peace of mind."


Art and Helen Skipworth

4929 Killdeer Road

Carson City, NV 89701

Family First Medical Alarm Systems

Att: Jim Kennedy

"We have always been satisfied with the service that you provide for our mother Evelyn.

We want to thank you for the way that you handled a situation that might have saved her life.

We have always asked her if she had been testing her equipment each time before we got off the telephone with her. She told us that she was testing it weekly. We were shocked when Family First called us to tell us that her equipment did not "check in" for its routine 30 day all functions working properly test. We were also in disbelief when they told us that there is absolutely no way that it could be working properly, especially because our mom Evelyn was so adamant on telling us that it was working fine.

Family First insisted on next day mailing us a replacement piece of equipment and asked us if we would be able to go over and check the one that was already installed before we replaced it. Sure enough, when we tested it, it did not work. We were also able to see that our mom had accidentally spilled some type of liquid all over the console base and did not tell us. We later found out that the liquid is what caused the problem. We would like to thank you for what you did for our family.

I also have to admit that my husband and I always had our doubts about all of the technical hubbub in regards to why your service is so much safer and more reliable. In fact we picked Family First mainly because we thought that you had the best deal. My husband and I feel that we owe you for what you have done for us, especially since you did not charge us for the replacement equipment, when it was clearly our mother's fault for the malfunction due to the liquid that she spilled on it. We want you to know that we will be telling anyone we come across that needs this type of service about the two brothers at Family First Medical Alarms and what they did for our mom Irene. Thank you again."


Dennis and Linda Slovak


Family First Medical Alarm Systems

Att: Jim Kennedy

"I can't tell you how much we appreciate what your staff did for our family. When we first researched companies that provide your type of service we were very impressed with the technical fail safe programs that you offered that others did not. We never thought that our family would be one of the ones to actually benefit from it.

We requested that you program the emergency responding button to supervise our father because he was in the beginning stages of dementia. He had just begun to forget where he lived when he walked outside of his home. The button has done a great job letting us know that he had traveled farther than 300 feet from his home for too long a time period. Although he has not had to press his button for any situations where he is unable to get up as of yet, we are great full that he has the service just in case.

We were startled when we received a telephone call from you letting us know that the button had not checked in and that our father was not within the 300 feet of his home. The reason that we were startled is because we were in his home that day with him. When we explained that to you, you explained to us that there had to have been some type of malfunction in the button itself and asked us to test it because it should not activate the service. Sure enough, you were right and when we tested it with him, it did not work. You next day mailed us a replacement and sent a postage paid envelope to return the defective responding button and the problem was solved.

We were however, still concerned about why it would just malfunction on its own. I also have to admit that my husband and I had some doubts as to the quality of the equipment that your company was using. We were so relived when you called and told us that the button that we sent back was not the original button that you supplied with the equipment in the first place.

It turned out that our dad was comparing his button with a friend of his at The Ephesus Home were they gather once a week. They actually took them off and accidentally switched them. Because of the fail safe programming that you and your brother advertise, your company prevented our family as well as the family of our fathers friend who was involved in the accidental button switch from a terrible situation that might have taken place if either one had needed to use the service. We also want to thank you for mailing our fathers friends emergency responding button back to him Express Next Day. Thank you for going above and beyond what are family ever expected."



The Delso Family

Jamie, Kelly, and Jacob Delso

St. John, IN

Family First Medical Alarm Systems

Att: Jim Kennedy

"I would like to share an experience that we had with your company that I though was wonderful.

Our mother and father have been subscribers for so many years that my husband and I can no longer remember exactly how long it has been. We actually had forgotten that the emergency buttons that each of them wear are pieces of equipment with batteries in them. I was so surprised when you called to tell us that you had received a signal from my mothers responding button that the battery level was below the acceptable level. You mailed us a replacement button at no charge, which my husband and I are still impressed with because so many businesses charge for everything now days. We were even more surprised at the fact that you called 3 months later with the same details about our fathers button and took care of that replacement as well.

I guess we are not as high tech as your family's business is. We are just so amazed at the fact that you can monitor the battery levels in each of the buttons simultaneously and individually.

It is very reassuring to my husband and myself because our parents are both allergic to different medications that might have to be administered to one or both of them in the event that the emergency services would need to be sent out. We remember that we gave you the exact details about the medications and allergies and you assured us that you would be able to alert the emergency services of each of their special needs if there was ever a situation that involved dispatching emergency services.

The situation that arose with the low batteries at different times really gives my husband and I extra piece of mind because we know that you and your brothers are the best at what you do. Thank you again for the wonderful service."


Russell and Patty Lee

San Diego, CA

When you chose Family First Fail Safe Medical Alarms for your loved ones, you too can have the maximum piece of mind that so many of our other satisfied subscribers and their families already have.

My brother and I understand that it is your choice of which company you will choose for medical alarm service. We would like you to choose Family First to service your loved ones. We pride ourselves on being the safest and the most reliable service in the United States. We also hope that this is as important to you as it is to us.

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